Where Is My Brevard, NC Home Losing Heat?

Your heating costs will shoot up when your Brevard, NC home allows heat to escape. Therefore, it is essential to find areas through which heat in your home escapes and take care of the problem. Knowing where most homes lose heat is a great way to look for leaks in your own home. Read on to learn about heat loss and the areas in your home where it is most likely to occur.


Cracks in your walls can allow heat to escape. Unfortunately, some of these cracks aren’t visible with the naked eye.

Walls fall into two categories: cavity walls and solid walls. Cavity walls have a space in the middle, while solid walls don’t.

For cavity walls, a technician can inject insulating material into the open space in the middle. If you have a solid wall, your technician will insulate it internally or externally.

Windows and Doors

Cracks on the window and door frames allow heat to escape. Also, your home loses heat through the windowpanes because glass is a poor insulator. Fortunately, you can prevent heat from escaping through the window and door frames using weatherstripping.

You can also have storm windows or triple-glazed windows installed in your house to prevent heat loss through the glass part of the windows. If you are looking for a temporary and less costly alternative, you can have plastic sheets installed on the panes.


Hot air is light; hence, it tends to rise. If there are cracks in the ceiling, this air escapes through these tiny openings. Insulating your ceiling can solve this problem.


Ducts relay heated air from the HVAC system to your living space. Damages can develop on these structures over time due to poor installation or poor-quality duct materials.

Damaged ductwork allows heat to escape. If there are leaks in your ducts, you can schedule professional sheet metal fabrication services for our technicians to install durable and quality ductwork.

Sealing leaks in your home will help your family enjoy more indoor comfort and reduce the strain on your HVAC system. Contact Horizon Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC whenever you need exceptional heating services. Our technicians always offer tailor-made solutions to meet your heating needs.

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