Troubleshooting Your Ductless Mini-Split in Asheville, NC

Mini-split HVAC systems guarantee efficient heating and cooling all year long. However, just like with other indoor comfort systems, they can occasionally experience problems that impact your home’s temperature control. Here’s how you can troubleshoot common ductless mini-split issues in Asheville, NC.

Making Odd Noises

Your mini-split shouldn’t make a lot of noise when running. You may hear popping as the hose expands and contracts or swooshing as the system goes into defrost mode. Other noises like buzzing, hissing, or rattling could indicate an issue with the circuit board, sensors, or refrigerant level.

Won’t Lower Humidity Level

During the summer, your mini-split should act similarly to an air conditioner in how it removes humidity from your home. If you’re experiencing more mugginess or noticing condensation on the windows, there may be a clog in the condensate line. There’s also a chance your mini-split isn’t the right size for your square footage.

Can’t Turn On

Power problems could connect back to the system’s remote or your circuit breaker. When the system won’t turn or stay on, it’s best to call for expert HVAC repairs as soon as possible.

Emits Unpleasant Smells

Mini-splits can start to smell musty or sour when there’s a mold or mildew outbreak. A vinegar odor points to a potential refrigerant leak, which may harm your property. If you smell fish, there could be an issue with your electricity or wiring.

Leaking Water

All the water your mini-split produces should be safely carried away via the condensate line. When this line clogs up with debris or mold, it forces the water back up into the system. Too much water in your mini-split can freeze the evaporator and affect the unit’s efficiency.

Carefully watch your mini-split for any signs of water or refrigerant leaks, odd smells, or new functioning noises. Call Horizon Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC for a wide range of premium ductless mini-split services in Asheville, NC.

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