Do You Have a Bad Furnace Blower Motor in Asheville, NC?

The blower motor is one of the most important furnace components. When wintertime temperatures drop in Asheville, NC, you need your blower motor running right. Here are some signs that you might have a bad furnace blower motor.

Weak Airflow

The blower motor enables the fans in your unit to function and circulate warm air throughout your home. Therefore, if you notice that air is no longer coming out of your vents like it used to, you should turn your attention to the blower motor.

Although a malfunctioning blower motor is not the sole possible cause of inadequate furnace airflow, it is certainly one of the most important ones. Since weak airflow can have so many harmful consequences for your furnace, we recommend scheduling repair or a tune-up on your unit as soon as this problem rears its ugly head.


If your furnace has operational ignition equipment but a dysfunctional blower motor, that can create a perfect storm that will lead to severe overheating. This is bound to happen if your furnace can produce hot air but can’t push that air into your home. Since significant and persistent overheating can cause damage to critical furnace components, many furnaces may respond by automatically shutting down.

Rising Energy Bills

If your furnace can’t get hot air into your home, your thermostat will react in the same way as if your furnace had not been creating that hot air in the first place. That means that it will order the furnace to work harder. The result will be higher heating bills but no feeling that your home is warmer than before.

Your furnace needs a working blower motor to keep you warm in Asheville, NC this winter. Call Horizon Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC to fix yours and schedule heating repair services.

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