Do I Need to Move on From My Old AC in Columbus, NC?

However well your AC may have served you in the past, the time will eventually come when it’s no longer able to do its job efficiently or effectively. All homeowners in Columbus, NC should learn to recognize when this moment is about to arrive because failing to do so can be costly and disruptive. Here are a few signs that it’s probably time for you to invest in an AC replacement.

High Energy Bills

Your AC should be able to consistently maintain a reasonable standard of efficiency. Perhaps the clearest indicator of whether it can do this is the size of your electric bills. If they suddenly increase without any clear explanation, your AC may be in terminal decline.

Frequent Repairs

What’s the point of keeping an old AC around if you need to repair it every few months? If it reaches such a point where continual repairs are necessary, it’s safe to assume that you should consider replacing your old AC. In such a case, you’ll only be wasting money if you continue paying for repairs. Discarding your old AC for a new one is a wiser move.

Aging Equipmment

Always remain aware of your AC’s age. Even if you don’t see any clear issues with the system, remember that age typically exacerbates every existing problem and can make new ones appear.

The average shelf life of a central AC system is about 15 years. If you have consistently provided your system with maintenance either once or twice per year, you may be able to keep it around for a bit longer. Nevertheless, the wise course of action is to begin looking for a new AC as soon as your old one crosses the 15-year threshold.

Once you see the signs and understand that you must get a new AC, the next step is to go through with that decision. To see you through to the end, you’ll need to have a dedicated team of professionals on your side. Call Horizon Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC and sign up for AC installation services near Columbus, NC.

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