5 Significant Benefits of Heat Pumps in Brevard, NC

In recent years, more homeowners in Brevard, NC have started to consider a heat pump for their home’s HVAC needs. There are multiple reasons why. Here are five significant benefits you’d get from installing a heat pump in your home.

1. Excellent Efficiency

Heat pumps offer efficiency that no conventional HVAC system can match. In the summer, they’re among the most efficient air conditioning options available. And in the winter, they can offer up to 400% efficiency — well above the 80% efficiency of the average furnace.

2. They Offer Both Heating and Cooling

Most homes with conventional HVAC systems rely on two separate components for heating and cooling. A heat pump can take the place of both systems, producing heat in the winter and cooling in the summer. That simplifies your home’s comfort system and can help you cut down on overall maintenance costs.

3. Heat Pumps Save Space

By doing double duty as a heating and cooling solution, heat pumps also save space compared to conventional HVAC systems. With space in many homes at a premium, this can be a major selling point for some homeowners. And even for those with space to spare, a streamlined and compact HVAC system is desirable nonetheless.

4. Ultra-Quiet Operation

Unlike conventional HVAC systems, heat pumps work to produce the exact amount of heating or cooling your home needs. By comparison, most other HVAC systems cycle on or off at full speed whenever you use them. Since heat pumps won’t run at maximum speed a good portion of the time, they’re often considerably quieter.

5. They’re More Environmentally Friendly

Since heat pumps don’t use fossil fuels to heat or cool your home, they come with environmental benefits, too. They’re a great way to limit your home’s carbon footprint. And pairing them with renewable energy sources like wind or solar can further reduce their environmental impact.

As you can see, heat pumps have plenty to offer homeowners here in Brevard, NC, so they’re an excellent option to consider when the time comes to replace your home’s HVAC. For more information, contact Horizon Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC, and ask us about heat pump installation for your home.

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