4 Symptoms of Poor IAQ in Hendersonville, NC

Poor air quality is a significant problem that can impact your family’s health and comfort. Without effective home filtration and ventilation, there’s a chance your indoor environment may be more polluted than the air outside. The following red flags could mean you have poor indoor air quality in Hendersonville, NC.

1. Trouble Sleeping

Excessive airborne contaminants can make it much harder to fall asleep at night. You and your loved ones may struggle with poor sleep quality, which leaves you fatigued the next day. Other HVAC issues that can affect your sleep quality include fluctuating humidity levels and temperature inconsistencies.

2. Unexplained Cold Symptoms

Depending on the airborne pollutants in your home, you may frequently cough, sneeze or experience dizziness. With a traditional cold, these symptoms will last a few days up to a week. However, if they persist for longer or only occur while in your home, it’s likely an air quality issue.

3. Foul Odors

Unpleasant musty or dusty odors are typically the result of stale air. You could have a fungus problem or a buildup of biological matter like pollen and dander. Fortunately, you can always schedule HVAC maintenance to check for system leaks and clear away accumulated grime.

4. Dry or Irritated Skin

Poor air quality can affect your sensitive mucus membranes as well as the health of your skin and hair. Watch out for signs of flaking, peeling, rashes or unexplained redness. Existing skin conditions like allergies and eczema can also worsen in a home with poor air quality.

Protect your family from an unhealthy living environment by considering air quality solutions like air purifiers and better air filters. Guarantee higher quality air by counting on experienced and certified HVAC technicians. Contact Horizon Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC today to take advantage of our premier air quality services in Hendersonville, NC.

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