4 Signs Your AC Desperately Needs Professional Repairs in Asheville, NC

Recognizing the signs that the AC in your Asheville, NC home needs repairs and calling for professional help can prevent breakdowns. It’s not always easy to tell when an air conditioner needs repairs because a faulty system can still run. Look out for these warning signs and remain in control of your home’s safety and comfort.

1. Electric Bills Suddenly Increase

A faulty air conditioner works harder to provide comfortable indoor temperatures and perform other roles, using more electricity. If you notice a sudden increase in your electric bills and you haven’t made significant changes in your house, your AC could be struggling. Call a qualified HVAC professional to inspect the air conditioner, determine the cause of increasing energy bills and repair the issue.

2. The AC Is Short Cycling

Your air conditioner needs professional AC repair services if it turns on and off rapidly without completing a full cooling cycle. Short cycling can cause an AC to break down and increase cooling costs. Because of its risks, you don’t want to postpone repairs for an air conditioner that is short cycling.

3. Strange AC Noises

Air conditioners aren’t entirely silent systems but shouldn’t produce loud and unusual sounds. Strange noises, such as banging, hissing, clanging, or whistling, indicate a struggling system that needs immediate repairs. Call our AC pros to investigate any weird noise and fix it before the underlying issue affects the system’s performance or shortens its lifespan.

4. Frozen AC Coil

A frozen coil can happen because of a simple thing like a dirty air filter or a complicated issue like refrigerant leaks. An HVAC service technician can address the causes of a frozen AC coil before it causes a significant problem. Regular maintenance can help detect and prevent a frozen coil’s causes.

If you suffer from one or more AC issues, hire an expert for professional assistance. It’s advisable to avoid attempting DIY repairs on your air conditioner. Contact us at Horizon Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC for professional AC installation or repair services.

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